Transitioning your home decor from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter

Autumn/Winter Interior Trends 

Shorter days and longer nights offer us a great opportunity to redefine our interiors. Here are my top tips on how to transition your home ready for Autumn.

Go dark green in bedroom spaces.

Nature-inspired home decor and textiles has been something very close to my heart. I’m delighted more homeowners are going the extra mile in bringing natural materials, botanicals and green tones into their homes. Rich, dark greens bring a deep sense of fulfilment and joy and it’s the colour of the moment for Autumn/Winter, especially for creating luxurious guest rooms and bedrooms. Green is perfect for adding light and shade to encourage a restful sleep for beautiful bedroom spaces. You can team a dark green wall with flecks of gold and copper for added luxe or choose deep, inky charcoal colourways to support, evoking a sense of night time. 

Alternatively, to lift the room use a contrast of warm pink tones, corals and sunset orange. Dark green comes to life and offers a fresh and modern look when matched with foliage, flowers and botanical details so opt for a bedspread that creates the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in, in style. You can continue the scheme into the pillows and scatter cushions too or pair it back with plain, natural cushions.

Gardens of Petra bedding starting from £125 by Avalana Design

Gardens of Petra BeddingGardens of Petra bedding with Hoopoe cushion in bedroom















A really simple way of getting your home ready for Autumn is to switch up light, pastel artwork to moody inks and sumptuous prints. Think less floral and more fallen leaves and dark skies. Adding indigo colour palettes teamed with copper and burnt orange can easily set the tone, adding fresh interest to your walls either as a stand alone piece or included in a gallery wall.

Caspian Midnight Art Print starting from £35 by Avalana Design

Curtain call 

Window treatments are one of my favourite Autumn updates, while they’ve been great at keeping out the heat in Summer, they make much more of a feature in the latter months of the year. Plush, heavy and luxurious velvet curtains are ideal to create a statement while also keeping your home cosy and the energy bills down. I love how you can add texture without taking up precious floor space. I can’t wait to share more on my own curtain designs. Watch this space!

In terms of design Chinoiserie has been captivating the imagination of interior designers for years but you’ll notice it’s had a maximalist makeover and it makes the perfect choice for blinds and curtains. The style, popular from the latter half of the 18th- to the mid-19th century is distinguished by its fantastical oriental scenes and stylised flower and bird motifs. Instead of subtle touches of watercolour, this season we will experience The Orient in all its ethereal glory framing windows and making an instant focal point with big-scale, cinematic patterns in shimmering silvers, minty greens and decadent golds. In contrast to some trends, designs like this are timeless and so you needn’t worry about it dipping in and out of fashion as quickly as it arrived so invest well, with a design that stops you in your tracks.

Rock the romance 

If you are planning to update your interiors don’t just gravitate to a fuss-free beige, there are plenty of beautiful colours to inspire and one that stands out for me is Mulberry or a damson jam. It’s so romantic and can instantly lift your mood and it’s trans-seasonal meaning it will take you right from Indian Summer through to the depths of Winter enveloping you like a warm hug. Not brave enough to paint your walls with it? Then add accents of the colour within your decor instead. Try faux botanicals featuring damson hydrangeas or add rosy cushions framed with gold like this Mulberry Tigress cushion cover.

Mulberry Tigress velvet cushion cover by Avalana Design – £95

Pink and orange jungle velvet cushion

Mood lighting 

You can become a master at setting the mood this season by adding multiple light sources that set a mood and transition easily from day to night. Consider lighting up darker nooks with corner lighting and adding glass lights to offer a soft glow to a kitchen. Copper candle holders are great for table tops and where you may have once had flowers and greenery in sunnier months, create an ambience on plant stands too.

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