BBC interior design masters wallpaper by Avalana


The series so far, has seen 10 talented designers attempt to impress judge and former Elle Decoration editor-in-chief Michelle Ogundehin, in the hopes of earning their big break into the world of interior design and winning a major career defining contract with a luxury hotel in the Lake District.

During the first two episodes, we saw the contestants redesign a showhome and office space, whilst the ever chatty Alan Carr was sure to keep viewers entertained with insightful and honest comments. “When some people think of orange, they think zesty and fresh, but to other people they think budget airlines and fake tan!” he remarked when referring to a contestant’s accent walls colour choice for a bold and sophisticated office space. Sadly in episodes 1 & 2, Amy’s & Moana’s chances were dashed and they left the competition.

In Episode 3, The remaining 8 interior designers headed to a 19th Century Manor House in East Sussex to transform the wedding venue bedrooms with their passion for design and creative flair.

Challenged with a puzzling brief, the designers were split up into two teams and…

Interior Design Masters, Episode 3 saw eight remaining interior designers head to the country to redesign a commercial wedding venue’s bridal party bedrooms.

judge Michelle Ogundehin tasked the contestants to redesign their room with a sense of understated glamour and subtle luxury OR a decadent and maximal finish.

Whilst Michelle described this as a dream brief where fantasy can fly, Alan Carr was quick to ask the question on the audiences lips…

“What do you expect to see in a Maximal bedroom though!?”

…whilst this bold, pattern rich brief caused havoc for the half the designers, Siobhan Murphy who is well known in the competition for her bold colours and stylish designs, was given the brief for transforming the bedroom with understated glamour and subtle luxury.

In Siobhan’s own words…

“I’m about as subtle as a brick, so that’s going to be hard!”

…she says with a laugh during an interview. Siobhan brilliantly deduced that the way she should personally interpret the brief should be to pair back on her style whilst including subtle touches of her individuality.

Oriental inspired murals and wallpaper

Choosing an Oriental theme with an influence of Japanese Kimonos, Siobhan hoped to create a sense of understated luxury wallpaper in the Wedding Venue bedroom including patterns of herons, foliage and bamboo.

She bravely pared back on her furniture painting it with a black lacquer, she made the decision to give the focus to her gorgeous choice in fabric and stunning oriental style wallpaper.

But the question that everyone is asking is…

What is the interior design masters wallpaper in Siobhan’s room?

This awe-inspiring majestic landscape called Silver Orient which captures Great Blue Herons wading through a silvery lily pond adorned with breath-taking oriental foliage was created by founding member of Avalana, Hazel Carruthers.

Avalana aims to create murals and decals to encapsulate the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and seek to inspire a sense of wonderment and escapism to the viewer. The designs are not only a dramatic statement to your own interior design, but these astonishing scenes create a sense of sanctuary and comfort within a room.


If you are not from the world of interior design, like the majority of us, you may be wondering what mural and decals are?
I will answer in a way of simplicity and honesty reflective of Alan Carr, a mural is one wall of wallpaper, and a decal is like a kind of wallpaper sticker that goes on the wall.

This beautifully glamorous and subtly understated Silver Orient Wallpaper, is in fact a made-to-measurements bespoke Mural meticulously and lovingly created using water colour paintings before being transformed into this stunning mural which can be alternated to fit any space. For a quote to get your own mural design, please go the mural quote page.

The Avalana collection includes the design in stunning black & gold in addition to the silver design seen on Interior Design Masters, not only this, but the design is available in art prints, decals, cushions and lampshade.

In episode 3, Siobhan displayed the Silver Orient Wall Mural above the bed in the wedding venue location, on the opposing wall she included close-ups of the giant lily pads from the mural design which were framed with a wooden green trim. The hotel bedroom also included a range of other Avalana products including Zebra Mirage Velvet Cushions, Inky Leopard Velvet Cushions & Bamboo Lampshade & Curtains.

An interview with Avalana about working with Siobhan Murphy on Interior Design Masters…

As both Siobhan, and Hazel of Avalana, are louder than life individuals with an intense passion for design and creation, I can only assume that this collaboration was one of profound enthusiasm & where their imagination was left to run wild (though somewhat pared back in order to keep to the brief!).

However the reality could be fairly different…

We ask Hazel what the experience was like?

Firstly, I was absolutely over the moon when Siobhan got in touch asking to use my designs for Interior Design Masters Hotel Week.

As the contestants didn’t know which of the briefs they would be given, Siobhan asked me to send her samples from the Avalana collections for both maximal and subtle glamour.

For the maximalist brief I sent the richer Golden Orient mural wallpaper, dark forest green bamboo velvet, and the natural inky Leo velvet.

Then the softer Silver and sage colour ways for the subtle glamour. Time was super tight as you have heard from the contestants on their social media platforms.

They are given very short time frames to source their products and create their final rooms. As I supply made to order products, while this does allow me design freedom for my clients, it was a challenge getting them designed & printed in less than 5 days, but it was done! It was also a bank holiday Monday that week, meaning we had to work around some obstacles but we got there!

How did Siobhan first get in touch and what was the conversation like?

Siobhan & I love putting our heads together on creative ideas and I am always excited when I hear from Siobhan as I know the project is going to be a lot of fun. This was no exception, I was ecstatic when I got her message asking to use my work in her design for Interior Design masters. It’s one of the most exciting things to date for my brand Avalana to be featured in such a big show!

Did you know straight away that it was going to be used for the show?

Yes, I was told straight away what it was going to be for – I was almost jumping about the room – in fact I think I was! haha!

How clear was Siobhan’s vision for the room and did you make any changes to it as you worked together?

Siobhan was very clear in her vision when she found out she was getting to work with the subtle glamour brief. The idea was to soften and lighten the current designs of my zebra and leopard prints. Siobhan then picked out the soft pink tone from the heron on the mural and from that I got to work creating the ombre printed velvet curtain design with the soft pink slowly revealing my sage bamboo print at the bottom.

Did you have to make many changes to the products in order to create her vision?

Yes, mostly colour tweaks so it really felt soft and paired back against the wow factor of the mural wall. Patterns shown are; Pale Jade Bamboo, Bold Zebra, Inky Leo Indigo and Silver Orient Wall Mural.


Are these changes something anyone of can ask for?

Yes they are. I offer all of these bespoke services to any of my customers, they just need to ask. Avalana bespoke products are made to order with your specific measurements. They can be made to fit any space and to any size. This means you can alter colours, change the scale, take out specific elements and even merge multiple Avalana designs together to create something truly unique. This applies to selected Avalana products including; wall murals, art prints, fabric and wall decals.

I will always send any of my mural customers a bespoke layout of their mural to show how it sits within their exact dimensions.

I also ask my customers if they have any doorways/large items of furniture on the mural wall, that they supply their measurements so that I can make sure no main design elements are hidden. When it comes to colour and design amends I do charge a small fee for these as this means opening up the layered artwork files, which as you can imagine are huge (3 x 5m) so this covers my design time.

What is Siobhan like in person?

Siobhan is a ray of sunshine! She is so full of happy energy and I was drawn to her the first time we met! When I found out on the first episode that they asked all the designers to dress for their personality, all you have to do is look at Siobhan’s outfits every week, the colour and pattern in her style really does shine out just like her personality! I love her positive outlook and down to earth attitude, whether you are having a natter about daily life or creative interior projects she is so easy to get along with. Bloody love her!

Predictions for the winner of the competition?

I may be biased, so I won’t say although you can probably guess who I am backing!! All the designers on the show this year are fantastic and I must say I am in awe of all of them. To even get on the show, and to have the confidence and bravery to show the world a snapshot of there creative skills is just inspiring!