Ceiling murals will be the next hot trend for interiors

Bedroom Ceiling mural in Avalana Design Lake Santharia Gold mural

This year we’ve seen a rise in ceilings becoming the ‘5th wall’. You can either paint your ceiling to match your chosen wall colour, or paint it in a completely different shade for contrast. It’s made us all ‘look up’ and consider how we can utilise this space better. 

However, having had so many requests from customers for cinematic ceiling murals, I predict wallpapering the ceiling is going to be the breakout trend of 2024. In fact one of my posts on social media of installing the Bodacious Blooms mural to a ceiling in my parent’s house garnered 1.4M views on TikTok and over 1,000 comments while it’s been given nearly 18,000 likes on Instagram with people loving the show stopping final result.

Bedroom Ceiling mural in Avalana Design Lake Santharia Gold muralAvalana Design Lake Santharia Gold Wall Mural and Ceiling Mural

Now the ceiling has suddenly become an option for colour, I want to say let’s be brave and add pattern! To balance it out visually you can paint the walls in a plain colour that ties in with your chosen design, the result will be eye-catching. Alternatively consider adding mural sections in panels to the walls with a colour backdrop and then cover the ceiling in the same mural. This creates a boutique hotel effect.

Bodacious Blood Noir wall mural and ceiling mural in bedroomAvalana Design Bodacious Blooms Noir Mural

For bold pattern and colour lovers everywhere, this is for you. Designs that capture the beauty of our natural world and will create a sense of escapism for your home are becoming a popular choice. They work particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms but as more people are looking to add spa-like sanctuaries to their homes, bathrooms have also become a space to rock the ceiling mural.’

Eye-catching options

Each mural is printed using UV gel inks that ensure the lightfastness of the design for up to 80 years and are easily removable, making them ideal if you’re renting. They’re easy to wipe and scratch resistant too. There’s starry sunrise and sunset jungle scenes, lush jungles, ombre style walls, swans floating on a shimmery lake, lush blousy blooms and stories from the orient – each designed to inject a sense of wonderment into interiors. For a totally immersive experience customers could have matching walls and ceiling!’ suggests Avalana.

Avalana Design Bodacious Blooms Blush

Made to measure 

My murals are bespoke for many reasons – this process allows you to alter colours, change the design layout to suit your space and to create a truly individual design that blends multiple Avalana designs together. 

And perhaps most importantly in terms of using them on your ceiling, it allows for ceiling roses and other lighting elements that are existing to be factored in. I work closely with every client during this process to ensure they’re completely happy before it gets sent to be printed.

Midnight Orient ceiling and wall mural in living room

Avalana Design has a comprehensive sample service so customers can buy designs and try them out on their ceilings before investing, prices start from £2. 

Hanging your ceiling mural

Firstly ensure the ceiling is prepared, this means clean and smooth with bumps and holes sanded or filled in. Each mural arrives in a series of pre-cut panels, so the first job is to lay it out on the floor and in the order in which it will be hung.

The murals are ‘paste to wall’. Work left to right across the ceiling and with the help of someone handy, place the first mural piece on the ceiling and smooth down. Trim any edges and repeat until all the panels are up.

Once the ceiling mural is up and looking fabulous you can coordinate with cushions and artwork from my collection to create a cohesive look.

Prices for both ceiling and wall murals start from £75. You can always get in touch with me directly to discuss your project.