Top tips for designer bathroom and washroom walls

Top tips for designer bathroom and washroom walls

Whether you want to create a restful spa-like sanctuary or a more glamorous and grand bathroom or washroom space, wonder walls can help to transform your room.

With tiles booming in popularity for bathrooms, wallcoverings can often get overlooked when it comes to bathroom design. However, provided you choose the right type, wallpaper and murals are not only a functional and suitable option for walls but they can also be a fantastic way of introducing colour, pattern and personality. Cinematic murals and wallpaper are a particularly good option for those who wish to change up their bathroom or downstairs loo without the hefty price tag of a full bathroom renovation too.

Why do murals work for bathroom spaces?

Murals can transform a plain bathroom into a visually stunning space, adding character and interest. Here are my top tips when it comes to bathroom decoration..

Consider how you want your bathroom to make you feel 

If you have the luxury of a large expanse of wall to fill then covering the wall with a made to measure mural means you can bathe or shower in the surroundings of your chosen scene. Selecting a mural is all about the relationship you have with something. For instance, ask yourself what makes you feel calm at night or fresh and ready to tackle the day in the morning.  It could be a forest full of wildlife and dense leaves or a tropical jungle at sunset. Others may prefer a garden full of full blooms with bright pops of colour.

The luxe look 

Many homeowners are opting to add opulent gold to their bathrooms. Gold as a hue will always make things look more expensive and helps to illuminate a room during the daytime and offer a warm glow in the evening. Gold’s perfect colour partner for bathrooms is a deep magenta or plum colour. (For partnering with silvers or chrome try mint green and for copper and brass consider teal.)

3d Classic luxury chic grey bathroom with moldings on the wall,

Avalana bodacious blooms custom mural for wall and ceiling

Bathrooms and washrooms provide an opportunity to really add some flair. The method used to simply tile around a shower or sink and paper or paint one wall is on its way out. Now, we are seeing people be inspired by places they visit or eras gone by and adding much more detail.

For example, Regency interior schemes on hit Netflix show Bridgerton have prompted people to consider pattern and panelling and we are seeing a big trend emerge in adding decorative plaster, moldings and ceiling roses to make a real statement. I’m also seeing people feel less confined to whites and neutrals and choosing to colour drench their bathroom spaces – skirting doors and all to create a cocooning feeling.

Illusion of space

In smaller bathrooms, murals can create the illusion of space by adding depth and dimension. Scenic murals in particular can make a cramped room feel more open, especially if you take it past the ceiling line. They can also help to create a special zone and serve as a focal point.. For example, placing a mural behind a basin area and mirror, adding wall lights to the mirror will create a designated station for beauty regimes. 

L-R: Avalana Orient mural in washroom / small bathroom above panelling

L-R: Avalana Orient mural in washroom / small bathroom above panelling

If you require any help with your bathroom glow up please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss your project.

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