Spring Forward!

Soon there will be more daylight hours, there will be a return of that yellow thing in the sky and the blossom will start to bloom (thank goodness!). As we step forward into Spring, here’s what you can do to inject some fresh thinking to your interior, transitioning from the throes of Winter to the great British Spring.

Declutter and organise 

Decluttering your home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re working in many rooms at once, it’s really easy to get distracted by looking lovingly at the wares you are trying to organise and clear away. However, having a good old clear out has been a historical sign of Spring and can help to clear your mind as well as your busy household. It can also create a more spacious and open living environment.

Consider having a strategy and think about the end result. Focusing on what you want to achieve will help you stay on task and take it room by room. I have the ‘only handle it once’ rule which simply means pick something up that needs to be put away and find a good place to keep it. If you don’t need or use it, put it into a ‘sell or donate’ pile.

Avalana Design velvet floral cushion in spring pastel bedroom setting
Avalana Design – Bodacious Blooms Blush velvet cushion

Lighten and brighten 

Swap the heavier fabrics, curtains and duvets for lighter breezier options. I absolutely adore how a fresh bedding set can create a whole new feeling in a room and I’ll often switch from luxe-look dark and moody bed covers to bodacious blooms in pink, green or turquoise. Take some of the tones from your bedspread and use new scatter cushions. Consider how to brighten your own home. Roll back those rugs and window dressings to allow the natural daylight in.

Spring greens 

Fresh mints and spring greens can instantly transform a room for the new season. 

Choose a lime or grass green for fun and playful spaces like a childrens’ bedroom with contrasting pattern and opposing colours like orange. Alternatively opt for a darker or more muted green to create a calming space for the office and pair with earthy accents. 

Image credit: Noushka design - Rose Cottage project

Image credit: Noushka Design – Rose Cottage project

While we associate white as a great backdrop for green to make it pack a punch, matt black can really help to enhance the leafy hues or create contrast in a room. This is particularly effective in rooms you wish to zone off. For example, crittall doors as entryways or charcoal fireplaces are the perfect compliment for lime, emerald or sage walls, wallpaper or textiles.

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Purple power

Colour is the ultimate stimulant – it awakens the senses and can add warmth, joy or even lift the space. It’s totally subjective and so it’s important to select colours and patterns that are intrinsic to you. One colour trend derived from the 80s is lilac. The use of this colour can instantly boost mood but it’s also an excellent playmate for neon, pastels and even richer reds and berries, taking you from fresh Spring right through to the cosier Winter nights. You can really create a splash with my very peri ombre wall mural or Bodacious Blooms Lavender Wall Mural.

Avalana Design – Bodacious Blooms Lavender Mural Wallpaper

Bring in the natural elements 

Take inspiration from the great outdoors and add natural elements where possible. Think jute rugs to add texture, wicker baskets for throws in case there is still a chill in the evening and placemats for the dining room. We often overlook the easiest options when considering to revamp homes or rooms for Spring. However, we associate plants with new life and so Incorporating fresh blooms or branches into your decor in vases and planters can create a real Spring vibe while the simple addition of plants can help to brighten the space, especially in kitchens and on sills where there is natural light.

Play with the space 

Initiate a change in your home, just like the season with a little ‘tweak’. Stand in the space you spend time in the most and make a note of any forgotten corners where you could perhaps inject some interest. Have a play around with furniture too – I alway love doing this as it costs nothing and somehow shifts my energy. It could be a simple repositioning of the sofas to offer a new perspective and viewpoint or shifting your dining table from lengthways to widthways, or up against the wall like a dining booth. 

Update your artwork 

As mentioned, this Spring season is expected to bring lots of colour and freshness to our homes but there’s no need to throw it on your walls if you are unable to. Introducing artwork to your home offers a more dynamic, modern aesthetic and gives the room a great new look – especially if you wish to stay abreast of the trends.

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