February is in full bloom

Welcome to the wonderful world of bloom murals

Each one of my designs starts with a sketch and is then lovingly brought to life through
water colours. Most of my designs are inspired by travels afar but the bodacious
blooms collection is a lot closer to home. The RHS Bridgewater to be exact. The
nation’s love of the English country garden in bloom has prompted me to create delicate
and detailed flowers via romantic coloured murals to add to your home.
Florals in interior design is something that will always stand the test of time. There’s
something about hand-painted cascading flowers in full bloom which brings a level of
warmth and contentment to a space. Here they’ve received a magical Avalana touch.

The wall mural designs feature towering foxgloves adorned by oversized daisies and a
meadow of wild flowers which grow from the floor up, drawing the eye. Above, vines
trickle from the top framing walls beautifully.

Whether you are itching for some flower power in glamorous golds and jewel tones or
like a more subtle dose of escapism through warm and Spring-like pastels, you’ll be
pulled in as there are a number of colourways to choose from; Noir, Magenta and Blush.

Samples are just £3. Pop yours into your basket now to see how these blooms can help
you rock the romance in your space. Any Avalana Mural can be adjusted if you want to
change colour palettes, please visit our bespoke mural page in the main menu to find
out more.

Bodacious Blooms Blush full design. A blush ombre back drop showcasing meandering florals

Bodacious Blooms in a blush colour way. The biophilic design is sure to bring the outside in.

You don’t have to go all out maximalist to achieve a stunning look. Going soft and subtle
is a great way to add oversized botanical patterns with a paired back, neutral pink
palette. This light blush ombre backdrop brings the outside with a luxurious twist, while
rich and velvety walls and textiles, and accents of gold create designated zones such as
dressing areas.

Bedrooms and hallways should always invoke a
welcoming aura so use florals to help invite guests in. Blackberry, plum, deep reds and
magenta will instantly uplift people as they move from room to room. I always ensure
there’s a scented candle too. Try Liberty’s stately bouquet scented
candle. It’s the perfect fruity match for the bodacious bloom mural.


Viva Magenta luxurious colour way consisting of gold meandering blooms.

An eclectic mix of florals and botanicals, in peachy pinks and golds on a
deep magenta backdrop, creates a rich and opulent colour palette,
while giving a nod to Pantone’s colour of the year 2023 Viva Magenta.

Sink into biophilia in your bathroom. Botanicals sit so nicely in bathroom
spaces, especially as a backdrop to a freestanding bath. And if you have a small
bathroom space or washroom, wallpaper or a mural is the best way to transform a cosy
space. Consider taking one of the hues from your choice of wallcovering and painting
the ceiling in the same colour to bring the scheme together. Here, the gold bathtub
takes prime spot against a scene of regal florals. Many of my clients request a smaller
version of my murals for their bathroom ceiling so they can sit back, look up and escape
to tranquility.

Bodacious Blooms Noir mural full design. Textured black background with meandering florals

Bodacious Blooms Noir Mural as a feature wall in a black and gold kitchen roomiest

Black signifies simplicity and functionality but pairing with patterns in red, pink and gold
can provide an excellent contrast, adding pops of warmth. The bodacious blooms wall
mural in noir is the perfect combination of pattern and colour to add a sense of depth.
The contrast of extravagant flowers evoke a grand and luxurious aura while giving a nod
to the ‘Gothic Glam’ trend.

Happy Valentines Day!

Avalana x