Breeze House X Avalana


Late last year I had an amazing offer to work with Breeze House to create the
ultimate indulgent escapism project. The luxury gazebo manufacturer wanted to
collaborate with me to take ‘luxury in nature’ to a whole new level for the Chelsea
Flower Show 2023 and create a limited edition gazebo.

As a team we set to work to elevate their luxury Oval Cape garden gazebo which
would stand proud at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, attracting attention and
appealing to visitors of the show. We needed something which would stop passers
by in their tracks and change their mindset from “I’d love this one day” to “I NEED
this in my garden right away!”. We wanted to transport home owners from their back
garden to a tropical paradise.

How we worked together:
The project entailed designing the interior of the space in true opulent Avalana style,
including newly hand-painted designs for fabrics, accessories and a bespoke ceiling

The brief for the custom hand-painted design was to be inspired by the Breezehouse
pledge to plant a tree with every installation, creating a forest of cacao and coffee
trees in Ecuador.

Using South America as the starting point for the design, I began by painting the
foliage from these particular trees. I then looked to some of the illustrious creatures
from the surrounding rainforest for inspiration, and instantly fell in love with the
hummingbirds and the majestic jaguar!


Jaguar watercolour painting Cocoa Leaves watercolour painting

When the Oval Gazebo was being installed at the show it was a true dream come
true moment. The exquisitely painted Avalana elements of the design captured an
immersive rainforest scene, creating the perfect setting for a stylish garden

In terms of styling, I maximised the opportunity to take the style as far as it would go
to make it as immersive as possible. I painted areas of the bar with gold paint,
upgrading the handles and fridge to a matt black finish, and adding printed panels to
the cupboard doors.

I also paid close attention to detail by adding luxurious finishes and styling a
glamorous table-scape for the dining area. The result is full of drama, glamour and
escapism – perfect for getting away from it all right at the bottom of your garden, or
entertaining friends and family just a stone’s throw away from your home.


Breeze House’s award-winning luxury gazebos are handcrafted in the UK from
sustainable materials. They are designed to provide year-round outdoor living and an
immersive home from home in nature. Breeze House’s Oval Cape gazebo
incorporate comfortable circular sofa benches, a dining table and chairs, a sound
system, television, hot tub, swim spa or even a kitchen.

I’m obsessed with nature and recreating its beauty in my designs. From English
country gardens to tropical paradises and folklore – everything I do is hand painted
to painstakingly capture every last detail so that these flowers, plants, birds and
animals can be enjoyed within people’s homes.

This collaboration from start to finish was magic. Breeze House’s gazebos offer the
ultimate in escapism and provide a year-round outdoor living experience. To utilise
my designs to enhance this experience even further feels really special.
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