The Top 5 Design Trends You Need To Know About…

Design experts from shows such as Grand Designs Live and Decorex this month have
sensed a shift towards the use of bolder colours. Moody wallpaper, colour drenched
room schemes with colourful upholstery are certainly being put forwards as something
to take into 2024. In fact full rooms painted in strong tones like mulberry, burnt orange
or emerald green are trending — including the ceilings. When colour is introduced in the
right way it creates depth and improves mood. One client who has used colour therapy
to lift her mood is Sisi Alfred. The instagram influencer has clashed colour and drenched
her rental with peach, orange, pinks and red tones to remind her of her Madagascan
roots. We will start to see more of this use of colour and pattern as people look to move
away from perfection and formal schemes to more rebellious schemes. What I love
about this is the opportunity to create a space you love. While colour drenching a whole
room might not be your thing, do consider which hues you are naturally drawn to and go
from there.

Avalana Design – Bespoke Bodacious Blooms Blush Wall Mural – £75psm

Image Credit: Sisi Alfred @homewithsisi on Instagram


Brave new colours and patterns aren’t just for walls it seems. This year at Decroex we
saw the arrival of bloomcore carpets and patterned hand tufted rugs which move away
from the wave of neutral carpets and flooring we are used to to pack a patterned punch.
This playful take on flooring can really help create a striking entryway or lift a room
which needs to be kept quite plain in terms of walls, window dressings and accessories.

Image Credit: Anthropologie – Tufted Jardin Rug


To help people affirm their love of the luxe-look in their own space, I have introduced a set of
golden metallic wallpapers for my bodacious blooms and waterlily collection. These exquisite
floral designs started out as a sketch and are then painted before being printed on to luxury gold
wallcoverings which shimmer and reflect light throughout the day.

Avalana Design – Blooms Of Midas Metallic Gold Wallpaper – £395 Per Roll

Avalana Design – Waterlily Sunset Metallic Gold Wallpaper – £395 Per Roll

Bringing nature into our homes shows no signs of slowing down as a key interior trend.
This has allowed designers like myself the opportunity to make it easier than ever for
people to immerse themselves in a natural setting. From lampshades and natural
wooden worktops to statement walls and rainforest showers, there’s so much out there
to help add nature to your home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add cinematic,
full wall murals or wallpaper featuring dense rainforest or jungle-like plants or a
landscape abundant with animals in their natural habitat.

Avalana Design – Sariska Jungle Copper Wallpaper – £249 Per Roll

Avalana Design – Sariska Jungle Olive Wallpaper – £249 Per Roll

While I am a huge fan of modern maximalism which is often described as loud and
proud but there’s also a big shift to ‘quiet luxury’ which is the opposite end of the
spectrum. Where fashion leads, interiors almost certainly follow and the quiet luxury
concept which has been trending in fashion for a while now has well and truly started to
influence the home. It’s been brought to the fore as a trend emulated by celebs who are
renovating their homes such as Michelle Keegan and Molly Mae who have chosen to
style their space with love seats, oversized textured sofas and thoughtful accessories.
It’s minimalist but exudes luxury. The key is investing in classic pieces that are high
quality and will stand the test of time. This trend will warm up in 2024, especially with
the release of Delux’s new colour of the year – ‘sweet embrace’ ™.

It’s a gentle blossom pink, a delicate shade which “brings a sense of calm and softness
to a living space”. What I like about sweet embrace is that it is a great foundation for
other warm shades and is a lovely contrast against turquoise, teal, greens and even
burnt orange.

Image Credit: Dulux Colour Of The Year – Sweet Embrace


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