4 key trends that will define interiors in 2024

Where fashion leads, interiors follow and so we’ve taken a look at what’s been trending
at the popular fashion design weeks across the season and a closer look at how this will
translate to interiors, home decor, furniture and colour.
Here are the trends and colours we feel will define interiors in 2024.

This encapsulates nature from a fresh and futuristic viewpoint. Our yearning to stay
grounded in uncertain times has allowed for warming and soothing colours deep rooted
in nature to take on a more optimistic feel. Punchy oranges and apricot crush
colourways are refreshing and promote wellness within the home.
Consider pairing apricot textiles with minty hue paints or go wild and team with matcha
green to establish an earthy energy. Floral walls in living rooms and bedrooms work
extremely well to connect to nature and oversized blooms have real staying power
moving into 2024.
If you prefer darker schemes then intense rust hues offer a transeasonal brown base
which can be kept warm and deep for Autumn/Winter or lifted in Spring and Summer
months. Select rich forest greens or grey/greens to set a contrast and add materials
such as tan leather and team with metallic accessories or bronzed wallpaper to pull the
look together. If you feel at one with the rusty, earthy colours make sure you invest well
in decadent lighting. Choosing uplighting can create stunning shadows and nooks but
also brighter flecks around the room, bouncing the light.
One of things we love about this trend and why we think it has real staying power is
because everyone, no matter what the generation, can have a take on this.

Patterns of abstract waves, irredescent pearls and sheer scales in sea green, lucious
lilac and cool blues were all the rage on the catwalk for season S/S 2024. This is likely
to take the fantasy realm back to our interior spaces. Mermaidcore is therefore having a
moment – again! It made a splash this year as one of the key breakout trends to buy into
thanks to the aesthetic being poularized on TikTok and the launch of the Little Mermaid
Disney movie. However, it’s ripe for revitalising. Interior designers and homeowners will
be taking it to the next level. You won’t just see seashell chairs and mermaid figurines
adorning mantels as that’s rather obvious, there’s a deeper desire for fun and playful
design schemes that have an overarching opulent feel.

Choosing mesmerising colour palettes from the ocean and adding in vibrant Summer
hues creates drama while gold scales, iridescent accents, marbling, and bubble like
patterns add a sense of luxury.

Introducing wellness rooms or designs which have the power to positively impact mood
are allowing homeowners to feel nourished and offer a sense of escape from the
confines of their own home. 2024 will be about creating functional but inspiring
environments – think spa-like bathrooms but elevated.
In terms of colour, nothing can compete with the vibrancy the outdoor environment can
provide but interiors can reflect this by getting the colour palette right. Sage green is a
go-to but explore dream cloud as a neutral, foxy orange to make things pop and bottle
green or forest teal to create a cohesive colour interpretation.

Earthy but vibrant tones, elaborate prints and flawless attention to detail is attracting
attention, especially as we move in to the summer season. Animal print inspired by
African safaris and tribal patterns are the new accent and you’ll see them emerge on
furniture, counter tops and coffee tables, adding interest to otherwise quite ordinary
pieces. This is a great way to display art in a completely new way and works extremely
well for areas with high footfall such as kitchens and open plan living spaces.

Balmain and Alexander McQueen rocked the romance on the catwalk. Ruby reds and
jet black colourways with ruffles and roses commanded attention while designer denim
and royal blue also came through for Gucci and Valentino. What’s fantastic about these
primary colours is that you can take it and run with it, colour drenching the room from
wall to floor or add subtle touches such as persian rugs. One thing we are likely to see
continue to explode in the interiors world is colour on seating and kitchen cabinetry.
We’ve come a long way since those clinical white kitchens of the 90s.

Do get in touch if you have any questions!

Avalana x