Barbie Girl Ombre displayed in panels complimented with pink decor

Avalana Design Barbie Girl Wall Mural from £75

The Avalana Barbie Girl Mural offers a beautiful deep fuchsia pink which gradually fades into softer tones of bubblegum pink before fading into a lovely pastel hue. Pink is nurturing, playful and nostalgic – often taking us back to our childhoods and can be such a fun and playful hue to use in a space. Team it with luxurious accent chairs and rose gold accents.The ombre murals can be printed in any direction – so you could have etc colours going darker at the top and lighter at the bottom – or even sideways!

Referring to home decor styles inspired by the aesthetics and colour of the Barbie Dreamland pad from the new movie, can be interpreted differently for each personality. You can either go full on bold Barbie maximalist heaven where every surface is adorned in fuchsia pink or select tones from the more softer tones of pink and add accessories to create a nod to the trend. 

Barbiecore is all about having your home on show so think open plan spaces, wardrobes with no doors showcasing shoes and outfit choices, clever social spaces and fuschia pink accessories to match the overall scheme. For furniture and decor pieces these may have a vintage or retro vibe, reminiscent of Barbie’s iconic 1960s fashion. 

You don’t have to feel confined to using Barbie pink in your bedroom or living space, there’s been a huge rise in demand for pink kitchens too. Evoke a playful Malibu style paradise with a pink statement wall using the Pink Banana Leaves Wall Mural which will create an instant cocooning feeling which you can enjoy all year round. Consider teaming it with dusky pink units and a contrasting patterned floor or pair back with cream or grey cabinets and brass or marble splashbacks.

Avalana Design Pink Banana Leaves Wall Mural from £75

There are so many retailers with a range of candyfloss pink homewares available to suit every budget. So, if you do not wish to change your walls or furniture, you can opt for pink accents instead. Anything toy-like such as a pink phone, retro alarm clock or neon candle sticks will certainly help you to update your home. Take this further into your garden space too. What better way to celebrate the Summer than with some playful pink accessories outdoors? Add elements of pink pops to your outdoor dining set up with glassware, table mats, vases or a pink wine cooler. Update your seating areas with pink cushion covers in a Malibu style design such as the Blush Tropics Piped Velvet Cushion Cover which is the perfect partner for dark or mint green schemes or Blush Blooms Fringe Cushion Cover which partners extremely well with neutrals.

Tropics piped sat on a wooden bench by a windowAvalana Design Cushion Covers from £109

If you aren’t a fan of an all pink scheme and it’s a little too loud then you can still embrace Barbiecore interiors and its whimsical and nostalgic ambiance. Creating a space that instead exudes femininity and romance using botanicals. Flower power is a timeless trend but oversized blooms will give a modern take on this and can really elevate your space. There’s something about hand-painted cascading flowers in full bloom which brings a level of warmth and contentment to a space. The Bodacious Blooms in Blush Wall Mural is a great way of bringing pink tones in without committing to a full-scale Barbie pink scheme.

Avalana Design Bodacious Blooms Blush Wall Mural from £75

Don’t forget that pink comes in many tones. A rich mix of berry red and blue hues packs a punch. A vivid magenta colour is energising and in comparison to whispery pastels and neutral tones of home decor, it exudes confidence and opulence.  The Avalana Bodacoius Blooms in Magenta Wall Mural will give your space that look! With a darker, richer Mulberry jam colour you may want to add in just as accessories. Opt for small doses to make a key statement delivered via luxurious cushions, lampshades or on a bedding. Take a look at our Bodacious Blooms Magenta Cushion. 

Viva Magenta luxurious colour way consisting of gold meandering blooms.Avalana Design Bodacious Blooms Magenta Wall Mural from £75

This trend is a bit of fun! Be playful with your choices in decor and fashion. Don’t forget to dress the part too! Whether your lounging around, getting ready for a big event, or entertaining guests, wrap yourself in the Avalana Mulberry Tigress Kimono for ultimate Barbiecore glam vibes! 

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