7 interior design trends you’ll need in 2023!

Wondering what next year has in store for interiors? Here’s what you need to know…

Brave new colours

When Delux first announced its colour of the year for 2023 (Wild Wonder), many people were
left a little flat. It’s beautiful and a really gorgeous and warm neutral tone but for designers, it
felt a little safe. That’s why when Pantone announced that Viva Magenta would take the crown
as COTY, the world of design responded with delight. The rich mix of berry red and blue hues
packs a punch. This vivid magenta colour is energising and in comparison to whispery pastels
and neutral tones of home decor over the last 18 months, it exudes confidence.

Understandably not everyone will want to splash the colour all over the walls. It’s very bold.
However, the colour can give a connotation of a warm hug or a sense of romance in the home if
used correctly. Opt for small doses to make a key statement delivered via luxurious cushions,
lampshades or on a statement wall.

In contrast to the optimistic Viva Magenta, a gothic vibe will also emerge in 2023. Black might
not be the first shade that comes to mind when it comes to adding colour to your interiors, but
if used correctly, layering different shades of black can create a really luxurious, high-end finish
to a room. Planning is key when using black as the centre point of your design scheme and you
don’t need to paint the whole room for it to work. Using textural black patterned walls makes a
superb backdrop for bright coloured furniture. If you’d like to introduce texture or matte black
on the walls, offset this with shiny black accessories to create instant depth of field.
Black is certainly making its way into kitchen spaces too and it’s no surprise given it promotes
an elegant penthouse-like feel. You can have fun with contrasting gold or brass fixtures and
fittings in the form of taps and handles, or bright coloured window treatments which will
instantly pop set against noir surfaces.

Jag spot noir wallpaper in a black kitchenAvalana Design – Jaguar Spot Noir Wallpaper  

Caspian Jungle wall mural showing a tiger and painted storks in a rich fuchsia jungle scene

 Avalana Design – Caspian Mulberry Wall Mural


Hipstoric homes

Breathing new life into furniture is going to be extremely popular next year. It’s not just
because people will look to make key savings through the recession. Boomers and Gen Z are
showing signs of looking at ways in which to allow antiques and modern touches to exist
together in harmony. Whether that’s bringing in elements of vintage such as Persian rugs into

contemporary schemes or upcycling furniture that has a story to tell. Pinterest calls it the
‘hipstoric home’ trend. If you aren’t keen on any DIY yourself there are lots of independent
businesses locating special items and giving them a new life. Check out my good friend’s
Reloved MCR business for inspiration.

Image credit: Reloved MCR

Stress relieving space

For many of us bathrooms are a sanctuary – a place to escape the world and completely switch
off. This makes them the ideal space to get creative and indulge in bolder, stand out designs

that some people may shy away from in other rooms in the house. Biophillia – the integration
and inclusion of nature as a focal point – isn’t going anywhere. The goal of creating a rich,
sensory connotation with nature is still growing in popularity. A biophilic bathroom design will
boast certain patterns that reduce stress and improve creativity while featuring forms and
materials that emulate those found in the great outdoors. An emerging trend in 2023 will be
taking biophilic bathrooms to the next level, adorning walls with serene oriental scenes or
cocooning tropical foliage at sunset or biophilic blooms. Stay tuned as there will be some
biophilic bloom designs launched very early next year!

The Lake Santharia wall mural in gold is truly radiant, depicting a pair of majestic black swans as they meet on a beautiful lake

Avalana Design – Lake Santharia Gold Wall Mural

Murals are having a moment

Murals are unrivalled when it comes to adding something spectacular to your space. Intricate
designs depicting scenes inspired by long haul travel and fantasy realms are very impactful
compared to the traditional wallpaper repeat designs. The more unique the better. If you need
to create an inspirational dining space, revamp your social areas or transform your bedroom
pace, murals are an excellent choice. They are an investment so seek out inspiration first and

let yourself be drawn to things that sing to you, whether that’s nature inspired full of
botanicals, a quintessentially British landscape or Chinoiserie with ornate flowers and birds.

Don’t forget the fifth wall

You don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Sistine Chapel to add a level of decadence
to your own home. Searches for wallpapering ceilings have increased by 70% this year as
people look to take inspiration online to go big above. Naturally, ceiling murals are the perfect
addition to bedroom spaces and nurseries and childrens’ rooms given they can be admired
when drifting to sleep. However, larger spaces, entrance halls or forgotten spots of the home
which don’t serve any purpose need some love so consider giving your ceiling the wow factor,
encouraging your guests to look up in these areas.
Recently, I worked with a client to transform her entrance hall into a magical Marrakesh Riad
with a luxury hotel vibe. It became a key focus and helped pull the rest of the scheme together
with gold leaf entrance doors, an oversized chandelier, circular seating and rich green rug.

Credit: Siobhan Murphy’s Chatelaine home featuring a bespoke Avalana Design ceiling mural.

Photographed by PiquePortraits

Encourage sociability

The art of in-person conversation is really coming to the fore via clever furniture. The ‘gossip’
style layout of seating is around 200 years old but is experiencing a major revival. Design houses
such as Studio McGee from the US have conversational seating at the centrepoint of its
schemes where arm chairs, sofas and couches face each other flanked by a coffee table. So
wave goodbye to that media wall, or save it for the family room because this more even
structure is all about encouraging social interaction.


Image credit: Studio McGee

Animal magic

Stretching boundaries with animal print is also coming to the fore this year. Centuries ago
animal skin used in the home was a symbol of power and status and has remained a favourite
addition to add a little luxury but you shouldn’t need to feel confined to using leopard, zebra
and tiger print designs in home furnishings and textiles. The truly unique markings of majestic
big cats and animals found in their natural South American or African habitats adds
sophistication and glamour when added to walls.
Here, the striking super sized zebra print wallpaper creates a huge impact and is
teamed with dark greens and mahogany which offers a luxe, edgy feel. It is finished with muted
gold accessories to bounce the light.

Avalana Design – Monochrome Jaguar Wall Mural

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