Background Information:

  • Location: Scotland
  • Style of property: Domestic
  • Designer: Avalana

Client Overview

Dawn Carruthers, couldn’t decide between two of her favourite Avalana designs, so she chose to have both with a clear aim of creating two separate contrasting boudoirs. She visualised a botanical-inspired dreamscape where she would wake up energised and ready to go in the mornings in contrast to a calming and tranquil space where she could relax and escape at night time.

Why Avalana Design?

Avalana is brilliant and confident at what she does, she communicates how best to use her designs and tailor them to my space for maximum impact. The process was always fun and straightforward, from showing us initial moodboards to the final design layouts with clear understanding of our vision and nailed it everytime.

The Design Scheme

Avalana commented: “My design concept was to create two seperate bedroom designs in two very contrasting styles & colour palettes, whilst keeping personality at the forefront. The first bedroom ‘botanical wonderland’ I used my Bodacious Blooms Blush wall mural on all 4 walls and the ceiling to evoke a modern biophilic garden of enchantment. I specified to gold leaf the door and paint the skirtings in a tone of blush pink, to add a glamorous edge to elevate and carry the design throughout the room.

The second bedroom ‘nocturnal jungle’ I started by using my Caspian Midnight wall mural on an ‘L shaped’ corner wall and then introducing smaller panels of the same mural either side of the window, using paneling is a great way of introducing more of the design without having to wallpaper a full wall. I then selected a deep navy colour from within the design and painted the remaining walls and ceiling to create a cosy and opulent sanctuary. To elevate this room I specified pops of orange furniture and metallic gold accents to create a glowy ambience bringing the entire theme together creating a restful boudoir.”

Design Solutions

Bespoke Ceiling Mural: Dawn wanted to wake up in her botanical boudoir energised, happy, and ready to start her day. We discussed a bespoke ceiling mural as this would be the first thing that she would see as soon as she woke up. I re-worked my Bodacious Blooms Blush design, by adding a sun symbol and sun beams in the same colour palette to evoke that energising feel.

Small Spaces: People often find smaller rooms a challenge and don’t realise that opting for darker tones and louder accents can really work here. The Caspian Midnight mural is designed in rich navy colours with pops of burnt orange and blush pink, not only are these complementary colours but they will embrace the space making it cosy and sanctuary like.

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